Come see what's new!

We've given the restaurant a face-lift to better suit our intentions. By reconfiguring our space and reinventing the menu, we have redefined what it is to be Modern Asian. Chef Daniel "Rocky" Bellinger who has a passion for Italian and Farm to Table cuisine defines it as blending together Pan Asian flavors and ingredients with a modern American twist. 

Artist Installment

Come check out the rotating art exhibit on the bar-side of our restaurant.

This month we are featuring Nicholas Gecan. 

"I'm painting spaces--fragments and moments of the ephemeral fabric of the natural world."

Nicholas Gecan is an American artist, born May 9, 1975 in Baltimore, Maryland. Working primarily in the medium of acrylic paint, his artwork is based on the natural world and environmental philosophy and aims at promoting the interest of preservation and sustainability. He currently lives and works in Ithaca, NY with his wife and two children.


Madeline's is very proud to display a collection of his acrylics on canvas. Learn more about Nicholas Gecan and explore additional work on his website